Declaration of the Villore Accords on the Triglavian Crisis

Citizens of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime,

The findings from the latest Capsuleer summit regarding the events in Abyssal Deadspace have unveiled incredible sights of a capital-ship sized construct being assembled by the Triglavians.

We are now on the razor’s edge of a catastrophic scenario.

The Triglavian Collective does not invest resources without need. They are constructing what we believe to be carrier or dreadnought-class vessels to wage war.

Their primary targets, as broadcasted by the messages on our hacked billboards, are the Sansha, the Drifters, and the Rogue Drones. Capsuleers may also be recruited, manipulated, or conscripted into this cause.

Humanity as a whole, including those that are not capsuleers, will be impacted by any conflict, as the territorial integrity of the Federation may be breached by whatever military deployments the Collective will unleash in their uncaring objectives. Collateral damage is guaranteed. The drone-infested regions of Algintal, for example, are an area of extreme concern given recent messages about the Rogue Drone populations in New Eden. We call upon Creo Dron to amplify all surveillance and reconnaissance missions in this and other infested regions.

We are witnessing the dawn of a completely new age. And where are our leaders? Where is the Senate? Where is the President? Where is the éminence grise, Mentas Blaque? Where are the vainglorious Black Eagles?

Are we to politely wait for our doom? Shall we sit casually as the universe shifts beneath us and makes the Federation an object of curiosity in some history book?

CONCORD has prohibited all information sharing to the public about this situation. If the Inner Council has been informed, that information has also not left the confines of that chamber, or their respective Empire leaders. The Federation President, whose sole mandate is to serve the interests and will of the People of the Federation, has not made comment on this issue. And yet, we wait, and watch, as more and more horrors emerge from beneath our feet in the deep abyssal deadspaces below New Eden.

There is no visible sign of any mobilization of our population, our society, or our armed forces to face this possible threat. We have not gotten off the couch to even voice an opinion about the continued survival of the human race. All we receive are petty insults and pathetic lies from the CONCORD representatives involved.

CONCORD was once before compromised by the Sansha’s Nation. I personally participated in eliminating that threat, Sutola Endoma. It was later discovered she was utilizing Sansha’s Nation Slave implant hardware and coordinating with the Sansha incursions. Shortly thereafter, she was reincarnated as a True Slave of Kuvakei. CONCORD is not infallible.

Information is the lifeblood of democracy. We must hold our leaders accountable through all necessary means to protect our democracy from those that would manipulate it through disinformation and obfuscation. The voices of the People should reverberate through every hall and chamber of power, through every citadel and every dark dungeon.

Every moment that we stay silent, we surrender our rights and abilities to make sovereign decisions in our democracy, and hand that power over to those that control the truth. CONCORD must declassify the information about the Triglavians and the Drifters, who we theorize are both Jovian Second Empire remnants, and enable the People of the Gallente Federation to make informed decisions about our current course of action.

The People should not be afraid of their Government. The Government should be afraid of the People.

Julianus Soter

Executor, Villore Accords

Gallente Militia


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