3 billion ISK auction for contemporary art!

In a recent auction at Cistuvaert auction hall, a missing painting of the artist “CCP Falcon” was auctioned off to an unnamed art-lover for over 3 billion ISK. In an organized high-security covert ops transport, the valuable modern-art painting just reached the GMVA HQ ‘Titania’ in Vlillirier. Here it is added to the most outstanding art collections in the entire Gallente Federation.

The breathtaking and amazing masterpiece of postmodern Gallente art shows the well known emblem of the Federation and is named “Gallente Phoenix”. It is underlined with a wave-form line, which represents the sinus wave “Alpha”, that is well known as the consciousness transferring channel for capsuleers at the moment of death.

The Gallente Phoenix stands for the cleaning fires and the rebirth of the high and honorable values of a modern spacefaring society after the dark times. Traditionalists and modern Loyalists of the Gallente Federation gather behind this symbol of liberty and democracy.

The Sinus Wave Alpha is the mysterious link between the immortal capsuleer and his clone. The consciousness, the true lifeline of New Eden’s immortals, is designed in great detail and shows the impressive moment of the transfer. During this important moment, a capsuleer’s life is redefined – born from the ashes, like a phoenix.


The painting delivers a powerful and easy to understand message of freedom and liberty. The straight and sophisticated approach in combination with the picturing of jovian high-grade technology is an outstanding combination and can truly be declared as the most exceptional piece of gallente influenced postmodern art of the decade.

The extraordinary masterpiece is only 30 by 60cm in seize. Black ink on indestructible plexo-plastic white-board. The fine selection of these materials represents the superiority of advanced materials, which are used in almost every modern gallente nanomembrane-technology today. An affinity to progress and the high acceptance of modern technology and tech-materials have been key values of the gallente for hundreds of years.
The artist shows an amazing empathy for this Gallentean spirit, the meaning of liberty and the respectful coexisting of the empires of New Eden. An idea which is repeatedly overshadowed by terroristic acts and unprovoked aggressions at the border zone.

The history of the artwork is unknown. It made its first appearance in a short unrecognizable message dated on 07. 06 YC119 over the social media presence of the artist. Unrecognized and mostly buried under the typical white-noise and most people did not realize they just witnessed a sensation. Now, 2 years later, the painting and the artist finally get what they deserve – great respect and honor from all over the Gallente Federation.

Reporters from theFederalFrontier.com learned right after the successful auction, that the painting will be transferred from the Cistuvaert Auction halls to the GMVA Headquarters ‘Titania’ in Vlillirier, Placid. Here it will be added to the GMVA collection of contemporary art, which already holds masterpieces from different eras and empires of New Eden.
The art collection is open to the public. Special guided tours through parts of the exhibition are available. We recommend you to book your ticket via NeoCom Network to skip the waiting queue and get immediate entry.



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