The Triglavian Clavis

The Triglavian Language is deeply unlike any other language currently used in New Eden, and running the datastream texts from Triglavian structures, ships, and other  sources, through standard translation matrices ends in failure.

As a result, our team has expended significant efforts to better understand the Triglavian language structure and enable a better read of new information we may uncover. Language is the key to understanding, and it is also a window into the mind of the civilization that developed it. The emphasis on certain concepts, and their juxtaposition in a sentence structure, indicate the priorities and thought processes of the society that uses any particular language.

Combing through all available triglavian datastreams, as recorded here, we have developed a type of Clavis, or Glossary, which correlates these deeply intertwined social, technical, and political concepts with more simple standard language.

All of this is a work in progress and will be updated as new information becomes available.

You can view the clavis here.

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