GalMil Propaganda Contest

UPDATE: Amazing Gallente Militia corporation Federation Uprising [FEDUP] have offered a Thanatos Class Carrier (“My First Nyx”) to add to the first prize. Get those competition entries in! Join channel “FEDUP Pub” in client to touch base with these upstanding pilots.

The management of the Federal Frontier have made approximately 3b in PLEX available to artists of the Gallente Federation, to help promote the freedom bringing pilots of the militia.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is in no way related to the recent announcement of a Caldari led art contest with a considerably smaller prize.

PRIZES: First prize is 640 PLEX plus a Thanatos Class Carrier, perfect for ratting in your favourite rented pocket of Null Security Space. Second prize will be 320 PLEX. All entrants will receive the limited edition ‘Jezaja’s Giant Secure Container’ to proudly display their Gallente allegiance from their hangar.

RULES: Humiliate the corporate scum of the Caldari Militia.  Promote glorious freedom. Remember the sacrifices of the pilots and citizens that have gone before.

JUDGING: The contest judges will be Julianus Soter, Saint Michaels Soul and Tarek Raimo. Send your entries, in the form of a evemail (with external image link) in client to ‘Saint Michaels Soul’ or ‘Julianus Soter’

RIGHTS: By posting your submission, you agree that Gallente Militia pilots might use it as a propaganda by posting it in local channel disregarding if you will win it or not. We don’t require anything silly like exclusive use.

SOURCING: All submissions must be original, made by authors themselves. Using in-game screenshots and game generated content is allowed.

DEADLINE: December 21st, 2017.


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