A New Accord: The Villore Accords Mobilizes

The Journey Upwards

The Villore Accords has been in existence for more than half a decade. This is a short period of time in the history of New Eden, but it is quite a long time for many pilot-run alliances, some of which are formed, burn brightly, and then are extinguished all within the same year.

While this is the cause of some pride and celebration, stagnation is the death of all organizations. Decay of pilot activity, lack of productive military and political accomplishments, and overall boredom will seep into an organization and cause it to become redundant. After all, what is the benefit of joining  one particular group of combat-oriented pilots over another?

The vision of the organization is what matters. The calling of the Villore Accords, is, as it always has been, the furtherance and protection of Federation ideals of human self determination, liberty, and human rights, both those of capsuleers and those on the planets below.

However, the world we live in has become overthrown by vast, hegemonic forces, with interlocking alliances, backroom deals, and the slow, encroaching gloom of tyranny. Where small flames of liberty take root, they are crushed the mailed fist of dictators, and where where rebels dare to oppose the conventional thinking or the accepted order, they are undermined, betrayed, and destroyed.

The Gallente Militia is Not Enough

For half a decade, with brief periods of leave due to various circumstances, the Villore Accords has been a member of the Gallente Militia. Our combat pilots, fleet commanders, ship doctrines, and sheer stubborn determination to resist the Caldari State have shaped the lowsec border zone between the State and the Federation for years. We have destroyed over a hundred and fifty thousand ships, at a total ISK value of eleven trillion ISK. This is not enough.

It is not enough to simply resist the tide of Caldari complex runners and their minions. It is not enough to endlessly flip control of lowsec border systems back and forth, until the end of time. It is not enough to keep up with the latest ship upgrades and citadel changes to wage war a few percentage points better each month. What is needed is a revolution.

The Gallente Militia is a necessary bulwark against the tide of corporatist fascism that creeps from New Caldari Prime. But it is not enough to deal with the depths of destructive tyranny spreading across New Eden.

On the Eagle’s Wings

To avoid being rendered obsolete, redundant, and irrelevant, we must become reforged. All that we used to be, must be melted down, alloyed, and perfected into a new instrument for the revolution of freedom across the cosmos. Our imperfections and faults, our doubts and hesitations, must be burned away in the crucible of change. The reactor of this change is the utter devotion of our pilots to the cause of liberty. The fuel will be our determination and drive to make a new world for ourselves and those around us. We will forge a brotherhood of pilots within the Villore Accords, one that will last the test of time, and burn more brightly than any time previously in our history.

The way we will achieve this will be to fashion a nullsec base. Named The Eyrie, we will use it to strike fear into all the kleptocratic enemies of freedom in this universe. We will use wormholes, stargates, and jump bridges as our gateway to strike far across New Eden, hitting new targets, relieving them of their ill-gotten gains. In so doing, we will fashion a new war machine that serves as a bulwark against the enemy in both nullsec and lowsec.

Our allegiance to the Federation and to the Gallente Militia is as unwavering as ever. But in order to serve them, we must grow beyond their borders. Tapping into new technologies, resources, and infrastructure, we grow our arsenal to defend freedom, and we become a better organization than before.

A New Call to Arms

Our pilots have long mastered all of the skills necessary for this work, we have simply lacked the theater of combat to put them to use. That above all is the benefit of this new path: all of our accrued skills and tactics can now be utilized for the cause of freedom. Pilots of all skills are welcome to this new campaign of liberation, and all skill levels will be tested to the extent of their capabilities. For after all, there is nothing sweeter than dying for the cause of freedom, and we are immortal. What is there to lose?

Every pilot in this universe should seek to excel to become the best they can be, for the cause they wish to fight for. There has never been a greater opportunity to achieve that goal than with the Villore Accords if you wish to stand with the side of freedom and human dignity.

Contact Julianus Soter in-game if you wish to join the cause.




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