Below the Crystal Boulevard

Who hasn’t heard of the Crystal Boulevard in Caille? It is a human-made landmark that even rivals the great shrines and palaces of the Amarr in fame. What sets it apart from those edifices of power and religion is its deceptive allure. This marvel of urban design and architecture bedazzles and impresses while it hides a much darker purpose. What most visitors do not realise is, that the Crystal Boulevard was originally conceived as the protective layer for a bunker that was supposed to protect the political and military elite of the Gallente Federation from attack, while the citizens of Caille would burn in the fire of orbital bombardment.

Naturally this was the brainchild of a quasi-fascist ultra-national government in bygone times, but the ideology which gestated such ideas remained below the surface of the great nation we call our home. Just like the actual bunker lies hidden below the glittering showcase of Gallente society, the conniving plotters of the Federal Intelligence Office keep undermining the ideals which have built our nation.

Now the minions of Mentas Blaque do not only assume they have the right to walk roughshod over civil liberties of Federation citizens, they even went as far as meddling with international affairs too. Recent news from the Scope report that the SDII have somehow bullied their way into confiscating data and equipment from Astral Mining in the aftermath of the Kyonoke Inquest!

I have reported before how this event was an uplifting example of true cooperation between capsuleers and baseliners of many cultural and national backgrounds. Through their combined efforts we were able to secure a vaccine and make it available to all of New Eden. Apparently that is not enough for Mentas Blaque and his largely unaccountable special security division. Now, the SDII unilaterally proceeds in pursuit of the Kasaras family who are implicated in the Kyonoke-pit breach.

On the surface that may seem like Mentas Blaque is just doing his job. Those people are dangerous terrorists, and he is officially charged with protecting the Federation from such threats, but think for a moment. What about all the Caldari who died, and the efforts of the Chief Executive Panel to apprehend the remaining Kasaras family members? What about all the capsuleer cooperation? The SDII have not engaged with any party in a helpful way, neither have they done anything effective to prevent the Kyonoke outbreak or attacks on the H4R-P4 Keepstar.

Instead they now rush to claim all evidence for themselves. In doing so they also take it out of the public sphere and turn it into classified information. They will be able to pick and choose what to release and what to make of that. It is doubtful whether the results will serve the greater good. We must not forget that we are dealing with an organisation that is lead by a man who orchestrated a brutal public execution as a political maneuver! Mentas Blaque is a political operator of dispassionate pragmatism, and utterly obsessed with power.

In the recent history of New Eden there was another political personality like that. A man who promised justice while seeking only personal power: the vile and corrupt Blood-Raider cultist Dochuta Karsoth who took power after the death of Emperor Doriam II. We may be tempted to dismiss his rise as a symptom of the flawed principles Amarr society is built upon, but that would be a mistake. Power-hungry connivers can rise in many different societies. If we allow Mentas Blaque to continue unchallenged, we may wake up one day and realise that the great ideals our society was built upon have been eroded by utterly corrupt powermongers.
We members of the capsuleer militias are the defenders of the Federation’s border regions. As such we have to act as true representatives of our nation. We can not stand by idly while schemers hide their dirty deeds behind a deceptive facade. We must not allow the Federation as a whole to become like the Crystal Boulevard: a beautiful distraction that acts as a cover for ruthless and arrogant power-politics.

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