Foxholers Liberate Fortizar Containing Thousands of Slaves; GMVA Welcomed Back to FDU

Last week, in a top secret operation, Foxholer combat pilots complemented by the Villore Accords, Rapid Withdrawal, BEBOP, several SNUFF representatives, and other Gallente Militia forces neutralized an on-lining Fortizar-class citadel in J105858. This carefully coordinated operation was launched after Foxholer reconnaissance pilot Tommy Arrano detected the structure, still under construction, and discovered a sinister plot to crew the vast station with a large quantity of slave labor.

Scrupulous capsuleers, in their attempt to plunder the riches of Anoikis, have anchored hundreds of Upwell-type structures throughout the regions of wormhole space. Crewing these isolated outposts is an entirely more challenging matter than simply activating the automated construction sequence, however. Being cut off from normal stargate travel,  it is nearly impossible to find willing crewmembers for these personnel-intensive structures. Indeed, if any of the crew of a standard citadel were to attempt to leave, they would have to wander their way through uncharted wormholes, and may never find their way home.

As a result, with standard recruitment tactics and bonus packages taking too much effort, several capsuleer corporations and alliances in Anoikis have taken more brutal actions, forcibly staffing these stations with populations stripped from planets in null security space. With no hope for a better future, these unfortunate souls are condemned to months and years of pointless drudgery, repairing their master’s ships, trapped far from home under the threat of Sleeper or Drifter attack.

From the Abyss alliance apparently anchored this structure with this new, savage business plan in mind, and used a nullsec planet in their Tenal holdings to facilitate their scheme. RLTG-3 III, a temperate world colonized by those that could not live within the tight strictures of Caldari State law, was a ripe target for labor. The Fortizar was to be their future home for the rest of their miserable, short lives.

Fortunately, when Tommy Arrano presented this intel to his CEO, Ashley Traynor, an immediate course of action was struck. J105858 was thoroughly mapped and a chain of wormholes linking the system to the Gallente Federation system of Torvi was discovered. All available pilots were rallied and our tactical plans were made. As a Wolf-Rayet was present in J105858, high accuracy precision weapons were chosen to make use of the unique cosmic effects of that high-energy star. Cerberuses and Hecates quickly flew to the target system, and following Ashley Traynor’s guidance, were brought to bear on the structure.

Hecates engaging Fortizar before it became fully operational.

In order to minimize casualties, escape pods and shuttles were actively recovered during the siege of the vast structure, and our pilots made every effort to destroy any of the From the Abyss forces that dared to intervene. Hole Control, another infamous Anoikis alliance, made a showing, but the combined Foxholers and Gallente Militia fleet was too much for them to engage within the effects of the Wolf-Rayet. The Fortizar was destroyed, and as many refugees were transported to Federation borders as was possible.

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Our convoy returned to Federation Space, where we entrusted the refugees to the care of Federation Customs. Jac Abbre, security representative for the Torvi branch of Federation Customs, had this to say:

The thousands of poor souls trapped on that Fortizar owe the Gallente Militia and Foxholers a debt of gratitude. We shall of course repatriate any who wish to return to their home system of RLTG-3, however, I have been informed the Federal Administration is offering asylum to any who wish to remain in Federation territory.

Following submittal of the necessary paperwork for Foxholer pilots and weighing this humanitarian act, the Federal Defense Union readmitted the Villore Accords to the Gallente Militia as members in good standing, resolving the dispute with Federal Defense Union regulations.

One thought

  1. So you have rescue honorable Caldari citizen just to force them to enlist in gallente empire … This is again a plain demonstration of the lack of consideration that gallente autorities always had for honest Caldari worker and their willingness to subjugates every ones, even in Anoikis far outside of their juridiction.


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