Villore Accords disavowed by Federal Defence Union

In an unexpected development, the Federal Defence Union (FDU) unilaterally revoked Villore Accords’ militia charter on 07-05-YC119.  According to article six of CONCORD’s Emergency Militia War Powers Act, this charter establishes Villore Accords as a recognized paramilitary protection force of the Contested Federation Border Zone, commonly referred to as FW-lowsec.

In a public statement, alliance leader Julianus Soter called the revocation “an administrative error” but the truth of the matter might be more political. Subscribers of “The Federal Frontier” may have caught on to the fact that some members of Villore Accords are everything but supportive of the Federation establishment. Apart from the criticism voiced by myself, there have been reports of widespread fraternisation with Caldari and Amarr citizens during the recent Kyonoke Inquest. During a public-relations gathering held by Villore Accords on the H4-RP4 Keepstar, alliance capsuleers were overheard calling the president “Jacus Rodent” – a derogatory sobriquet widely used among political dissidents.

The authorities deny any relation between their revocation and the political leanings of Villore Accords capsuleers, though. According to FDU’s Amevync liaison officer Brique Gatereau they were “simply following regulation”. When asked for clarification, she responded “According to article 47 section 3a, all chartered capsuleers have to deliver sufficient proof that they are citizens or legal residents within the borders of the Gallente Federation”. Gatereau points at Villore Accords’ recent Anoikis exploration branch: the Foxholers corporation. “Capsuleers in Anoikis have no clearly established residency. There are no stargate jump registries, station rental contracts or starbase charters that identify all members sufficiently to meet the regulations of CONCORD”  the FDU officer elaborated. “We did not make those regulations”. Gatereau added. “… but as signatory nation of the EMWP-Act we have to abide by them.”

In the meantime Foxholers corporation is submitting all necessary documentation to prove that they fully qualify for article six charter requirements. Foxholers CEO Ashley Traynor expressed confidence that Villore Accords as a whole can be re-established in good standing with the FDU.

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