Hecate-class Destroyer Patrol Fights Space Terrorist Ratain

Following several fleet patrols using Brutix-class battlecruisers, with mixed success, I decided to change our warzone-control fleet doctrines to a more mobile and flexible combat platform, the Hecate-class tactical destroyer. Axa Dax, one of our combat specialists, has been asking for this change for some time, and I decided to test it out tonight.

Supported by a Magus-class command destroyer, this squadron of ships is equipped with a variety of anti-propulsion and mobility-focused hardware. Anything that passes through a stargate will be warp disrupted. If it attempts to flee, it will be chased down and stasis webbed. If it attempts to fight, it dies. The tactic is simple, but as we saw tonight, it is effective.

A roam throughout the regions of Black Rise and Placid led to an urgent redirect by fellow CEO Roy Henry of Black Fox Marauders to destroy a Golem-class marauder piloted by Super Chair, in Innia system. We managed to arrive just in time to witness the huge vessel lurch forward with a micro jump drive, then warp to the Innia star. We pursued, knowing we could cross the vast distance to the star in time, and catch him as he arrived. However, Super Chair, a veteran user of this Golem, was clever and managed to arrive at a nearby safespot location. Even our effective combat scanners Axa Dax and S’enah Fohre, who warped to his huge energy signature, were unable to catch him as he micro jump drive activated again just in time. He retreated to the safety of a citadel inside system.

Not deterred by this disappointing turn of events, we proceeded back to Vlillirier, where we were fired upon by several Advent of Fate frigates. These Merlins and Bantams were no match for the firepower of the Hecate. I’m not really sure what they were thinking.

Passing through the often-trafficked Hikkoken system our squadron stopped nearby a Novice Outpost Acceleration gate. Ratain, a well known inhabitant of the Black Rise region, and a continuous thorn in the side of the Gallente Militia, decided to land a Brutix-class battlecruiser on top of our position. Our brave Griffin pilot Daemon Koabd  was able to jam the craft, but was quickly destroyed by drones. I had our fleet wipe the drones from the field to free us to destroy the Brutix’s vast hull, and it exploded in a cloud of fiery debris.

Detonation of the Brutix main reactor.

Returning again to Aldranette, we witnessed an unaffiliated Paladin-class marauder passing through. We pursued this craft, in an effort to detain its pilot and crew for questioning, however it managed to elude us at Akidagi. This effort was not in vain, however, as it was rewarded by a return of Ratain, hot for revenge, piloting a Bhaalgorn.

The Bhaalgorn decloaked on the Hikkoken gate, and my Magus command destroyer immediately closed on its location. (Ed: Gilly from Black Fox Marauders in a Stilletto provided initial warp disruptor on the Bhaalgorn). I had hoped to get close enough to avoid the weapons fire of the immense battleship’s mega pulse laser battery, and fortunately, the agility and speed of the Magus made it in time before serious damage was done. Our fleet arrived and battle began in earnest. I was concerned about the Bhaalgorn’s capacitor warfare systems, which are quite formidable against a Hecate’s low capacitor reserves, however, by maintaining our close proximity, the tracking systems of the Bhaalgorn were almost useless. We did lose one Hecate that was caught out of position, however, but quickly following that the structure of the Bhaalgorn crumped under the concentrated Hecate railgun fire, destroying the ship.

Death of a Bhaalgorn

We rescued as many escape pods as possible. Debriefing of the Bhaalgorn’s crew is underway, but preliminary Villore Accords counter-intelligence reports indicate that most were forced into involuntary servitude to Ratain to fuel his devious schemes.

Thanks again to the brave pilots of the Villore Accords and the Gallente Militia that made this operation a success.

2 Thoughts

    1. Caught this while having some celebratory beverages with my crew here in Vlillirier.. thanks for the keen eye. Let me know if you wish to join our team *raises his glass of whiskey in salute*


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