The Case for Re-unification

Many Federation citizens look at the Caldari State and see the hereditary enemy. The antagonist in a war that most of the younger generations do not even know the root cause for anymore. Without going too much into history, I would propose that this war only erupted because of mutual misunderstandings and the aggressive attitude of radical factions within a young interstellar nation which did not have enough time to mature politically and socially. Now we are almost two centuries further, and I think it is time to look back with a different perspective.

Of course the knee-jerk reaction would be to point at the recent Provist movement and use it as an example of the continuing threat the Caldari pose for our way of life. We must not forget – however – that the followers of Tibus Heth were ultimately censored and expelled by the Caldari State itself, and before we fault the Caldari for embracing an extremist ideology we should look at the history of our own nation. We have also once collectively fallen into the trap of jingoistic, racist warmongers and believed that only they can lead us to greatness. It is an easy pill to swallow, especially under duress. I can only commend our Intaki brethren for the courage they showed back in those days. They would not allow themselves to be swept up in the current of political extremism, often to their own peril. On the Caldari side we can see an equally courageous faction – the Ishukone Corporation – who have risked much in opposing Tibus Heth and the more nationalistic Caldari factions.

Before anyone would mention that it was a Gallente admiral who literally destroyed the last effort of Ishukone to broker an agreement with the Federation, let me say this: Alexandre Noir was a military man of sound mind and calm pragmatism. He was the last commander alive to have witnessed the horrors of the previous war, and it has been his lifelong self-declared mission ever since to never let it come this far again. For this he was respected almost as much among Caldari as he was among Federation citizens. The Malkalen terrorist attack was so out-of-character for this man, that we can only conclude that his ship must have been commandeered by terrorists and his last transmission must have been forced out of him. In this whole terrible scenario there were only two parties who gained from the outcome: Tibus Heth and Mentas Blaque.

Yes, indeed I am going to speak out against the head of the Federation Intelligence Service.

Those two men both represent a political ideology of totalitarianism. Both our nations are obviously vulnerable to the allure of such movements. Sadly, while Tibus Heth was disavowed and expelled by the Caldari State, Mentas Blaque is still conducting his intrigues and manipulations which continue to undermine the Federation’s civil liberties.

Both as Federation and State, we have to come to the realisation that our fundamental agreement lies with the concepts of self-determination and progress. In this we must stand together and strengthen each-other. Alone, each of our nations can become enthralled or co-opted by those who seek to take those liberties away from us. Together we can compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Caldari decisiveness and pragmatism could help clearing away the complicated web of political intrigue and manipulation that plagues the Federation, and our own awareness for humanitarian issues and social cohesion can help the Caldari overcome the internal factionalism and unrest that often paralyzes the State.

I know that many Caldari will reject the notion of re-unification on the basis of what they have been taught about the root-cause of our conflict, but to simply remember history is not enough, we also have to learn from it. The Federation has learned – I dare to say to some degree – what the results of heavy-handed social engineering can be. With my own people – the Jin Mei – the Gallente were much more permissive and subtle in their approach, and despite our cultural differences we are now both part of the same nation and my people retain a strong right to self-determination. In today’s climate that can also apply to Caldari corporations. In fact both Souro Foiritan and Jacus Roden have strengthened corporate independence within the Federation.

In the last presidential elections, the former mayor of Arcurio on Caldari Prime – Shaileen Ramnev – was a serious contender in the race. She is the daughter of a Gallente mother and an Ishukone citizen and has fought against Provist barbarism while still supporting the cause of the Caldari people. That she gained 39.7% of the votes tells me that there is a considerable number of Federation citizens who support Shaileen Ramnev’s message of re-unification.

Let us not forget that despite all the suffering we have inflicted upon each-other in the past, we have also achieved some of the greatest works in New Eden’s history together. Caldari and Gallente jointly developed the jump-drive, helped the Intaki and Jin-Mei to become space-faring civilisations, and advanced technology by great leaps during the Crielere Project. The recent Kyonoke Inquest is another example of possible cooperation between our two nations.

Let us not dwell on the past and instead consider what the future may hold if we united again as one nation.

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