Kyonoke Inquest Overshadowed by Defamation

The recent Kyonoke Inquest of April 6-8 YC 119 saw the most successful cooperation of Caldari and Gallente scientists since the ill-fated Crielere Project. The unified efforts of the supranational capsuleer corporation Arataka Research Collective and epidemiologists from the Minmatar Republic succeeded in securing a vaccine and solving the Kyonoke crisis. Only the Amarr empire’s delegates again demonstrated how inhumane they can be, even in the face of a major threat. Until the very end the Amarr Empire pleaded for the indiscriminate eradication of all infected populations.

Naturally, capsuleers of Villore Accords reached across the divide between the nations too and have supported the efforts actively. It is therefore even more regrettable, that an unknown party used the situation for a baseless defamation campaign against alliance leader Julianus Soter

Immediately Villore Accords capsuleers started an investigation to determine who would spread such slanderous rumours. Although we are dedicated to our continued struggle against Caldari militants and terrorists in the lawless border regions of Black Rise and Solitude, Villore Accords has never welcomed the death of Caldari civilians, let alone that our leadership would dismiss the death of Federation citizens as acceptable collateral damage.

Counter-intelligence operative Tarek Raimo was unable to secure a lead to uncover the individual or group behind this distasteful piece of propaganda. “Whoever they are, they act with caution and managed to elude us throughout the inquest proceedings. Of course the chaos which erupted when the Kyonoke virus spread on the H4-RP4 Keepstar did not help.” Raimo explained his failure. “I have conducted interviews with members of the Intaki Liberation Front – traditionally at odds with Militia capsuleers – but they only implicated Caldari personnel of the Arataka Research Collective. Neither I myself nor anyone else could find evidence for that to be true though.” Raimo added.

Villore Accords are still offering a reward to anyone who can deliver conclusive evidence that will lead to the origin of this hatemongering defamation.


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