Drones: The backbone of the Navy!

Every Gallente pilot knows: Drones are not only for the mining guilds. The most powerful drone-ships ever seen in New Eden serve as the backbone of the Federation Navy. They do large amounts of damage, are very durable and they are an important part of our killmails.

Since the Gallente Militia reclaimed most of the warzone in Placid and Black Rise, the amount of LP-Items flooding the market has risen proportionally. Aside from the typical items like the Vexor Navy Issue and Federation Navy Comet also the faction variant of the drones have become more available.  They are a cheap and rewarding alternative to their T2 counterpart.

While the leading drone-manufacturer CreoDron lately announced an increased production in the fighter segment for capital-class vessels, the demand for regular combat drones like Hobgoblins, Hammerheads, Ogres and Gardes has increased with the arrival of new capsuleers in New Eden. Especially for pilots with an alpha class clone, the faction drones can increase the combat readiness of their ships considerably.

In an exclusive statement for thefederalfrontier.com, current CreDron CEO Roni Darieux announced a special program to support the  war efforts of the Gallente Militia:

“Because of the massive amount of available Federation Navy Drone Blueprint Copies, capsuleers are now able to mass-produce those specially enhanced drones. We have seen prices drops up to 50% during the last month.
CreoDron is proud to develop these blueprints and help all the capsuleers fighting for the most important values of the Federation: Freedom and Liberty!”

Federation Navy drones come along with a huge amount of bonus hitpoints and excellent tracking compared to their T1 counterparts, while having the same low skill requirements. This makes them especially relevant for new players who are willing to invest and it also means:
Federation Navy Drones are your best choice to fight in the warfare zone!
Buy Federation Navy Drones and support the Militia!

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