What is the Federal Frontier?


“The Federation is not a defined region of space, of planets, of mountains, rivers, or woods. It is a vision.”

– President of the Federation, Arlette Villers. CE 23154.6.2

The Federal Frontier is a news publication that puts a focus on Federation-allied Capsuleer activities, news events, combat reports, and other media. The Gallente Federation is a force for freedom, prosperity, and equality in a galaxy that is almost always at war. The Federation fights against tyranny in all its forms.

Federal loyalists, such as the Villore Accords, Gallente Militia alliances such as BEBOP, FEDUP, and others, stand against the tide of dictatorial power in New Eden. Fight, write, and fly with us to realize a new Federal Frontier, and establish new Age for all civilized peoples.

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